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Xiangxi Global Geopark attended the Conference on Conservation and Development of Zhangjiajie Global Geopark

On December 20-22,2021, the Conference on Conservation and Development of Zhangjiajie Global Geopark,which promoted the conservation concept of the UNESCO Global Geopark and improved the geopark’s management body, as well as enhance the communication with other geoparks , was successfully held in Wulingyuan district, Zhangjiajie. As its sister geopark, Xiangxi Global Geopark attended the conference.

During the meeting, experts from the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences and representatives of Wangwushan-Daimeishan Global Geopark and Lushan  Global Geopark Geopark respectively made a keynote speech on the construction of the park and the development of science popularization and scientific research. The representative of the Xiangxi Global Geopark shared experience titled The Discussion on Geotourism Development of Xiangxi Global Geopark Under the Influence of Pandemic, and then, the Xiangxi Global Geopark also participated in the discussion over the content of the Proposal of Zhangjiajie UNESCO Global Geopark over Protection and Development, and actively made suggestions for it. The conference also further promoted the global geoparks by displaying  boards and showing promotional videos.

The conference is organized by People's Government of Wulingyuan district, Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie Global Geopark Management Committee), Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Zhangjiajie Joint Research Center of Geomorphology, Zhangjiajie Global Geopark Museum. Officials and experts from Provincial Natural Protected Aarea Center, Geographic Science and Resources Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Central South University, Central South Forestry University of Science and Technology, Hunan Geology Museum and representatives from Lushan, Wangwushan-daimeishan, Xiangxi Global Geopark gathered here and discussed the conserveation and development of the geopark together.

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