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Delegation from Linxia Autonomous Prefecture visits Xiangxi Global Geopark for exchange

To learn experience of applying for and building a global geopark, a delegation from Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Provincewent to Xiangxi Global Geopark for a three-day visit from June 9-12, 2021. The event was attended by Tu Bibo, head of Propaganda Department of Xiangxi Prefectural Committee of CPC;Li Ping, vice governor of Xiangxi Prefectural Peoples Government.

The delegation visited the area within Xiangxi Global Geoopark, including Shibadong Village, Aizhai Village, Furong Town. A seminar was chaired by Li Ping in Xiangxi Global Geopark Museum.

At the seminar, the officials from Linxia Autonomous Prefecture briefed general situation over the application and establishment of Linxia Geopark. Leaders of Xiangxi Global Geopark also answered questions raised by the delegation and conveyed best wishes for Linxia to have a successful on-site evaluation.

Members from the delegation of Linxia said that they found out the gap, learned the experience and updated the concept through the visit in Xiangxi Global Geopark. It is agreed that they should continue to strengthen the connection with relevant aspects of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, fill in the shortcomings and gaps in the application and establishment of global geopark, and enhance the infrastructure construction, recruiting more English majors and experts to join in the team.

Linxia Geopark consists of 6 countiescity, including Yongjing County, Dongxiang County, Linxia City, Guanghe County and Linxia County with total area of 2120 square kilometers. Represented by the Cretaceous dinosaur footprint and the late Cenozoic mammalian faunas, supplemented by the late Cenozoic strata, Danxia Landform in northern Linxia and the Three Gorges of the Yellow River, integrating distinctive local culture, Linxia Geopark is a comprehensive geopark combing geology, ecology and culture. At present, Linxia Geopark is applying for the global geopark and waiting for the on-site evaluation.

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