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Publicity campaign over geosite conservation was held in rural area of Xiangxi Global Geopark

To enhance the geosite conservationin rural area of Xiangxi Global Geopark, a publicity campaign, jointly organized by Administration of Xiangxi Geoparks, Xiangxi Prefectural Geopark Museum and local authority on geopark management, was launched in Longxi Village,Yongshun County.

The indigenous people attended the campaign, which advocate significant meaning of the geosites conservation and legal liability about destroying the geosites and stealing trilobite fossils,displaying and distributing related brochures/leaflets to people.

90 crucial geosites in Xiangxi Global Geopark, which include 3 world-class geosites and 52 national-class geosites, are distributed repectively in 7 counties of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, including Jishou City, Fenghuang County,Yongshun County,etc.

The Trilobite Fossil Group in the Ordovician Period in Liexi, a national-level geosite in Xiangxi Global Geopark, sit in Longxi Village, Furong Town, Yongshun County, in which one of the largest trilobite fossils in China has been unearthed and provides evidence for paleontology research.

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