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Delegation from Yimengshan Global Geopark visits Xiangxi Global Geopark for exchange

A delegation from Yimengshan Global Geopark went to Xiangxi Global Geopark for a three-day visit and exchange activity from June2-4, 2021. Peng Hua, Deputy Director-General of Xiangxi Prefectural Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Director of Xiangxi Prefectural Geoparks Administration, and staff from Xiangxi Prefectural Geoparks Administration and Xiangxi Prefectural Geopark Museum attended the seminar or field investigation.

The delegation visited Xiangxi Global Geopark Musuem, learning about construction and development of the museum. During the visit, both sides conducted in-depth exchange on a wide range of issues, such as geosites conservation, assessment, popular science education,scientific research and geopark management.

In 2018, Xiangxi Global Geopark signed a sister geopark agreement with Yimengshan Global Geopark, and the both sides agreed to enhance exchange and cooperation in terms of UGGp application, geosite protection, information sharing, geo-tourism promotion and sustainable development.

During the visit, the delegation also visited some geosites in Xiangxi Global Geopark,including Furong Town, Red Stone Forest, Shibadong Village, Aizhai Town.They understood in detail the buiding and development of cultural tourism industry in Xiangxi Global Geopark.

Yimengshan UNESCO Global Geopark is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, composed of Mengshan, Diamond, Daigu, Menglianggu and Yunmenghu Areas, with a total area of 1,804.76 km2.Yimengshan UNESCO Global Geopark is situated on Luxi Block, to the west of Yishu fault zone. 44 geosites are located in the geopark,including very old strata and Archean massive intrusive rock series honestly record the evolution of early crust in North China,the unique Money Stone,etc. Yimengshan Geopark  was formally approved as a Global Geoparks in 2019,and initially revaluated in 2022.

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