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Xiangxi Global Geopark held Popular Science Education Campaign on World Water Day

March 22 marks the 29thWorld Water Day. A four-day popular science education campaign was successively held in Aizhai Town Ethnic Primary School of Jishou Municipal,Heku Town Nine-year Education School of Fenghuang County, Luota Nine-year Education School of Longshan County,Hongshilin Town Central Primary School of Guzhang County and Furong Town Central Primary School of Yongshun County,which are geoscience schools of Xiangxi Global Geopark. The staff from Xiangxi Prefectural Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Prefectural Geopark Administration gave lessons to students.

In the class, the staff used powerpoint to demonstrate distribution, crises and protection measures of water resources, by means of Q&A, students have a deep impression about the World Water Day. To protect the water resource with practice, the staff organized students to clean up the fallen leaves and white garbage along the banks of Xiangxi Global Geopark after class.

The World Water Day is set by the 47thUnited Nations General Assembly in 1993, while China set the Water Week earlier in 1988 for the purpose of raising the public awareness on water saving and protection. The theme of the World Water Day in 2021 is “Valuing Water”,China's commemorative theme is “Implement the New Development Concept and Promote the Intensive and Safe Utilization of Water Resources”.

With the support from geopark administration of Jishou, Guzhang, Fenghuang, Yongshun and Longshan counties, the campaign was sponsored by the Prefectural Natural Resources  and Planning Bureau, and co-organized by the Prefectural Geopark Administration and the Prefectural Geopark Museum. During the period, the staff introduced the development philosophy of global geopark and popularized knowledge about water resources by means of hanging posters, displaying and distributing brochures/leaflets, as well as giving lessons ,which raise the students’ awareness on valuing water.

Giving a lesson to students

Stuedents read the promotional materials of geopark


Students clean up the fallen leaves and white garbage along the banks

Group photo

  (Ye Qingzi, Geopark Administration of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture,China, xxzsjdzgy@163.com)

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