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Xiangxi Global Geopark Museum had a busy time during spring festival as the number of visitors peaked

On February 14th,the third day of Chinese New Year,it is also the opening day of Xiangxi Global Geopark Museum,where became a popular tourism destination during the spring festival.Statistics show that more than 380 tourists visited the museum on this day.

Affected by long holiday,convenient transportation and good weather,the Xiangxi Global Geopark Museum, located in Furong Town, Yongshun County, became the popular tourism destination for inquiry-based and parent-child travels.

Tourists can experience the unique charm of the geopark:the informative panels,  diverse rock minerals, paleontological fossil specimens and geological models in the museum also provide excellent opportunities for geology learning.

“What an amazing place!Children can learn a lot from the museum,and adults know about Xiangxi Prefecture from different aspects .”said Mr. Jiang with excitement,who is from Changsha Municipal,Hunan Province.

It is learned that only 400 visitors are allowed to visit the museum each day during the pandemic. The visitors have to make an online appointment in advance and show their valid ID cards and electronic health cards and pass the body temperature measurement before they are allowed to visit the museum with facial masks.

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