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CSUFT’s Business + University+ Research Institution Cooperation Base Established within Xiangxi Global Geopark

On July 23, Xiangxi Global Geopark and Central South University of Forestry and Technology (CSUFT) signed an agreement on the cooperation among business, university and research institution at Xiangxi Global Geopark Museum and held a plate-granting ceremony. The signing ceremony was attended by Wang Zhongwei, Vice President of CSUFT; Gao Wenhua, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Xiangxi Prefectural People's Congress; and Peng Hua, Deputy Director of State Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Director of Xiangxi Prefectural Geoparks Administration Office and head of Xiangxi Global Geopark Museum, among others.

First of all, Gao Wenhua extended a warm welcome to the delegation headed by Wang Zhongwei, and congratulated the establishment of the base. Then he briefed Xiangxi Global Geopark. According to him, during the application process, Xiangxi has paid great attention to cooperation with universities, and successively signed cooperation agreements with Central South University, Jishou University and other institutions of higher learning. They have carried out a number of cooperation projects, and a series of results have been achieved so far.

CSUFT has a long history and many outstanding teachers. It is conducting the national "Program of Basic Capacity Building for Universities in Central and Western China" and trying to build "China's First-class University " in Hunan Province. It has established many national teaching and research platforms and pooled a large number of talents and excellent teams.Therefore, there is great potential for the cooperation between the two sides. CSUFT is expected to support the development of Xiangxi Global Geopark, build the base into a model for the cooperation between universities and global geoparks, and promote the high-quality development of the geopark.

Wang Zhongwei congratulated Xiangxi Global Geopark on its success in the application. He said that Xiangxi Global Geopark is home to the two world-class geosites, including two Golden Spikes. It is also rich in biodiversity and ethnic culture. Therefore, it has a broad prospect for development. CSUFT will work more closely with Xiangxi Global Geopark in the future to drive the building of the base and promote common development.

The establishment of cooperation base in Xiangxi Global Geopark by CSUFT is another good example for the cooperation between Xiangxi Global Geopark and universities. According to the agreement, in-depth cooperation will be carried out in a wide range of areas, such as popular science education, scientific research, key research projects, staff training, ecotourism development and market operation.

Delegation headed by Wang Zhongwei, vice president of CSUFT, visits Xiangxi Global Geopark Museum.

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