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Work Program for TikTok Short Video Competition of Xiangxi Global Geopark

Xiangxi Geopark was formally approved as a member of Global Geoparks Network on July 7, 2020 during the 209th session of the Executive Board of UNESCO, becoming the 40thglobal geopark in China.

Covering a total area of 2,710 km2, Xiangxi Global Geopark spans across seven counties and municipalities in Xiangxi Prefecture from south to north. It consists of seven parts: Aizhai, Tianxing Mountain, Furong Town, Red Stone Forest, Shibadong, Lüdong Mountain and Luota. In general, the geopark is home to the four features: 1)two Global Standard Stratotype Sections and Points, or GSSPs, in the Cambrian system; 2) the world’s largest red carbonate rock forest in Ordovician system; 3) spectacular incised plateau-based karst platform-valley group landscape; and 4) a combination of karst geo-ecology and ethnic culture.  

To better promote Xiangxi Global Geopark and attract more tourists to visit the geopark, a series of related activities under the theme of "Visit world-class tourist attractions, Shoot TikTok short videos at Xiangxi Global Geopark" will be held. The work program is formulated as follows.

I. Sponsor

Xiangxi Geopark Management Committee

II. Supervisor

Xiangxi Prefectural Party Committee’s Cyberspace Affairs Office

III. Organizers

Xiangxi Prefectural Geoparks Administration Office

Rednet Xiangxi

IV. Theme

Visit the world-class tourist attractions, ShootTikTokshort videos at Xiangxi Global Geopark!

V. Duration

August 1-August 31 (18:00), 2020

VI. Detailed Information

1.Method of participation:

(1). The topic of # Shooting short videos at Xiangxi Global Geopark # is launched on the TikTok platform through the official and designated accounts of the Xiangxi Office of Applying for Global Geopark at TikTok. Participants can add and @ the topic on TikTok platform and post their short video works which meet the relevant requirements, and follow the account of Xiangxi Global Geopark on TikTok platform. Within the limited period of one month, the network ranking will be determined by the number of "likes" for a single video lineofa single author on the TikTok platform, and the top 30 will enter the final offline selection activity.

(2)Participants will email the screenshots of their works to the designated email address before 18: 00 on August 31, 2020, with the submission name "Video link+ TikTok account +mobile phone number".

2. Criteria of Selection

The amount of the video play , amount of likes, amount of forwarding and quality of content of a single author are used as criteria for  final offline selection, accounting for 30%, 35%, 25% and 10%, respectively.

3. Method of Selection and Prizes

Key areas in this competition include: Aizhai Bridge, Dehang Miao Ethnic Village, Furong Town, the GSSP for Guzhangian Stage,  Red Stone Forest, Zuolong Valley, the GSSP for Paibian Stage, Shibadong Village, Dalongdong and Xiaolongdong Waterfalls, Fenghuang Tianxing Mountain, Jianduoduo Waterfall, Sanmendong Grand Canyon, Baojing

Lüdong Mountain, Longshan Rebala, Longshan Luota Stone Forest, etc.If multiple works of the same author are shortlisted, the three works with the highest comprehensive scores will be selected, and the organizer shall enjoy the copyright and permanent free use right of the winning works.


(1). One First Prize, with a prize of RMB 10,000 (USD 1,461)

(2). Two Second Prizes, each with a prize of RMB 5,000 (USD 731)

(3). Three Third Prizes, each with a prize of RMB 2,000 (USD 292)

(4). 40 Prizes of Honorable Mention, each with a prize of RMB 500(USD 73)

(5). 70 Prizes of Participation, each with a prize of RMB 200 (USD 29), a principle of early acceptance of the prize for early publishing will be adopted until all the prizes have been accepted.

4. Method of Receiving Prizes

All the prizes in this competition will be paid online by the organizer after having verified the winners' names, bank card numbers and contact information.

5.Announcement of the Results

After the submission deadline of the short video contest, the offline selection will kick off in early September, and the final winners will be announced after that.

6.Rules for Participation

(1) The entry videos must be original short videos shot in Xiangxi Global Geopark. Entries must be created originally by the entrants themselves. The entrants must ensure that they have complete rights to the submitted works. All materials used in the videos, such as soundtracks and portraits, do not infringe the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, copyrights, trademark rights and other rights of any third parties. If the entrant violates the guarantee obligation in this article, the organizer shall not bear relevant legal responsibilities, and shall reserve the right to cancel the qualification of the entrant and recover the prizes. If the organizer suffers any third-party claim or penalty from the state organ due to the behavior of the contestants, the contestants shall also fully compensate for the losses of the organizer (including but not limited to any fines, attorney fees, legal fees, compensation, etc.).

(2) Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. The specific definition of plagiarism is based on the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and relevant regulations.

(3) The content of the entries must be positive, be free from pornography, violence, bloody scenes and other undesirable contents, and comply with the national laws and regulations. This competition does not accept works that contains any of the following contents:

i. opposes the basic principles defined by the Constitution;

ii. endangers national security, reveals state secrets, subverts state power and undermines national unity;

iii. damages national honor and interests;

iv. incites national hatred and discrimination, and undermines unity of the ethnicity;

v. destroys the national religious policy, and propagates cults and feudal superstitions;

vi. spreads rumors, disrupts social order and undermines social stability;

vii. spreads contents regarding obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, etc. , or abets others in crimes;

viii. spreads ideas against traditional moral concepts, and damages the physical and mental health of teenagers;

ix. insults or slanders others, and infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of others;

x. contains other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

(4)A strict detection system is put in place on the TikTok Platform. Malicious behavior of spamming is strictly prohibited. Once found, such behavior will be subject to response measures such as ticket reduction and contest ban.

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