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  Route A: Appropriate for those who are interested in the timeline of Earth.


  Xiangxi UNESCO Global Geopark Museum – Hulu tillite section (Ediacaran) –The GSSP for Guzhangian Stage,Miaoling Series,Cambrian System – Guzhang Red Stone Forest (Ordovician) – Luota Redbed in Silurian System– Luota Karst Platform (Permian – Triassic)  – Zejia Red Stone Fortress(Cretaceous)


  Route B: Appropriate for those who are interested in dissolution of the ground (karst landform) 

  Luota Karst Platform – Luota Stone Forest – Lingdong Karst Windom Group – Lanhua Cave – Zuolong Valley – Guzhang Red Stone Forest – Dafengchong Canyon – Lvdong Mountain – Jinlong Great Canyon – Dehang Grand Canyon – Dalongdong Waterfall  Jianduoduo Waterfall – Tianxingshan Grand Canyon


  Route C: Approparite for those who are interested in biology and ecology

  Luota Ancient Sequoia – Zuolongxia Valley National Forest Park – Donghe National Wetland Park – Aizhai National Forest Park


  Route D: Appropriate for those who are interested in Tujia ethnic culture 

  Wu Zhuting Relic – Xichehe Ancient Town – Rebala Village–Hengzhang – Laosiyan – Zhangjiapo Village – Zuolong villiage – Furong Town

    Route E: Appropriate for those who are interested in Miao ethnic culture 

  Qixin Miao Ethnic Village – Jidou Miao Ethnic Village – Dehang Miao Ethnic Village – Chongwu Miao Ethnic Village – Pingnian Miao Ethnic Village – Lvdong Miao Ethnic Village – Jinlong Miao Ethnic Village – Shibadong Miao Ethnic Village


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