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[1] 陈建平,马文瀚. 湖南古丈红石林地质遗迹形成条件及发育过程初探[J]. 地质灾害与环境保护,2006,(03):83-86. 

Chen Jianping, Ma Wenhan. The formation conditions and development of the red rock forest geolgical relic in Guzhang, Hunan province[J]. Journal of Geological Hazards and Environment Preservation, 2006, (03): 83-86.

[2] 张剑明,黎祖贤,章新平.1960—2005年湖南省降水的变化[J].气候变化研究进展,2008(02):101-105.

Zhang Jianming, Li Zuxian, Zhang Xinping. Precipitation Change in Hunan Province[J]. Advances in Climate Change Research. 2008(02):101-105.

[3] 彭善池,L.E.Babcock,林焕令,陈永安,祁玉平,朱学剑. 寒武系全球排碧阶及芙蓉统底界的标准层型剖面和点位[J]. 地层学杂志,2004,(02):104-113+194.

Peng Shanchi, Global standard stratotype-section and point for the Paibian stage and Furongian series of Cambrian system[J]. Journal of Stratigraphy,2004,(02):104-113+194.

[4] 张华生,殷建军,程海,R Lawrence Edwards,林玉石,唐伟,杨会,涂林玲,王华,潘谋成,吴夏.全新世早期弱夏季风事件的精确定位及机制探讨——以湖南莲花洞LHD5石笋为例[J].沉积学报,2016,34(02):281-291.

Zhang Huasheng, Yin Jianjun Cheng Hai, et al., Discussion about the Mechanism of the Weak Summer Monsoon Events during the Early Holocence: A case study of precisely dated stalagmite record from Lianhua Cave, Hunan province, China[J]. Acta Sedimentologica Sinica. 2016,34(02):281-291.

[5] 殷建军. 湖南湘西龙山莲花洞近2000年来气候变化石笋记录研究[D].西南大学,2013.

Yin Jianjun. Climate Change in the Past 2000Years Revealed by Stalagmites from Lianhua Cave in Northwest Hunan, China[D]. 

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