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Debris flow

 refers to the loose soil in the mountain valley or on the slope surface, which is excited by the rainwater, melting snow and other water sources to form a geological phenomenon of fluids containing a large number of sediments and flowing along the valley or slope.


■ Hedging measures

◆ After heavy rain, continuous rain does not stop in the valley.

◆ When encountering mudslides, you should not run down or upward along the ditch, but should run on the hillsides on both sides, leaving the channel and river valley, but be careful not to stay on the slopes with soft soil and unstable soil. If the slope is unstable, it should be chosen to stay away from the debris flow and stay in the area to avoid danger.

◆The tree should not be avoided. Because the mudslide is different from the general flood, the flow of trees may be cut into the mudslide, so you cannot choose to escape from the trees in the ditch.

◆ Should avoid the curved bank of the river (ditch) or the narrow convex height of the place. Because the mudslide has strong brushing ability and straightness, these places may be destroyed by mudslide fluid.



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