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Training Workshop for Volunteers of Popular Science Education successfully held in Xiangxi Geopark

  The First Training Workshop for Volunteers of Popular Science Education in Xiangxi Geopark , sponsored by the Management Committee of Xiangxi Geopark, and co-organized by Geopark Administration of Xiangxi Prefecture and the Youth League Committee of Jishou University, took place in Jishou University on March 30, 2019. The training workshop was attended by 50 volunteers.

  The experts from the Institute of Karst Geology (IKG), the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences were invited to train the volunteers. The training topics include: key geosites and their scientific meanings in Xiangxi Geopark, the application and assessment of Xiangxi Global Geopark, basic knowledge about geoparks, protection measures, management organizations and protection concepts of geosites, the activities for scientific research, popular science education and volunteers, as well as the changes and benefits of a geopark to local communities and people.

  During the Q&A session, the volunteers interacted with the experts to further understand knowledge related to popular geoscience education and volunteer service. Through the training course, the volunteers have had a better understanding about Xiangxi Geopark, in particular its natural and cultural beauty. They expressed their hope to share their understanding and love of Xiangxi Geopark with their friends, conduct volunteer activities and make due contributions to the application of Xiangxi Global Geopark.

Site of the training workshop

Experts give lectures

Exchange of ideas in the training course

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