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Popular Science Education Activity for Kindergarteners Held In Xiangxi Geopark

  On March 29, 2019, more than 440 teachers and students from two kindergartens in Guzhang County (Elf, and Tea Town) went to the Red Stone Forest in Xiangxi Geopark to learn geological knowledge.


  Under the guidance of trainers and volunteers, the children began to observe the red stones, green moss, pink cherry blossoms, and lovely small animals. By being directly exposed to the “classroom of nature”, they had a perceptual knowledge of the Red Stone Forest. “Hi, boys and girls, we are now at the mysterious Ordovician Sea Floor. Why is it called Ordovician Sea Floor? Because about 460 million years ago, at the Ordovician period, this was a great ocean…”The volunteers told the children the evolutionary stories about the Red Stone Forest, including the layered red stone forest, small holes in rocks, and the curved stone fossils. The children were fascinated by these stories, and asked many questions, and the volunteers answered them one by one.



  In recent years, with the ongoing implementation of “Conducting popular science education activities in local communities, schools, organizations and scenic spots”, the popular science education-based tourism activities have become very popular in Xiangxi Geopark, which has become a preferred site for a large number of K-12 students from Xiangxi Prefecture and other parts of China. These students are given an opportunity to understand the geopark and the nature, and experience local history and culture while having fun. In addition, they act as the “ambassadors” to promote the geopark, and help disseminate scientific knowledge about the geopark.

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