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Ruins of Wuzhu Hall

  Photo The residual wall

  Wuzhu Hall, also called Wuzhuo Hall or Wuwangpu, is located in Luota Boundary, Longshan Mountain. It is named after the castles and other military facilities built by Wu Zhuochong, also known as Wu Zhuchong. Wu Zhuchong was the leader of the inhabitants of Tujia ethnic group at the end of the Tang Dynasty and the period of Five Dynasties (907 – 960). People of Tujia ethnic group did not have surnames. “Wu Zhuchong” was the record of the name pronounced in Tujia language. “Wuzhu” is the name, and “chong” means “king” in Tujia language. 
  Wuzhu Hall is the most important historical site of the early Tujia Culture in Luota Boundary. Although the original palace of the king has been reduced into dilapidated walls and broken bricks and tiles over the past hundreds of years, the solid base of the palace still exists, and check posts and sentry posts are still there. All of these ruins are of important historical value.

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