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Ghost Festival in Pushi Town, Luxi County

 Nuo Mask Dance

Chenhe High-pitched Tunes

People gather at the Longevity Place to feel the unique charm of Chenhe High-pitched Tunes

  Beauties “Bloom” in the Garden of Lotuses

Photo credit: Zhang Jin,  Xiang Xiaoling and Cao Xun

The Ghost Festival (or Zhongyuanjie in Chinese) in Pushi Town, celebrated by local people to remember ancestors, is one of the representative traditional folk festivals in Luxi County. Also known as the Festival to Worship Solitary Souls, it began in the late Song Dynasty. During the Ghost Festival, the local people will spontaneously hold sacrificial activities, including ancestor worship, singing opera, performing the drama of " Mulian Rescues His Mother", and releasing river lanterns to mourn relatives and friends who have died, and to promote the spirit of loyalty and filial piety.

Most of the old houses in Pushi Town are built with a structural model of " shops in the front and residences at the back". At present, there are more than 20 well-preserved courtyards here, such as Ji’s Grand Courtyard, Zhou’s Grand Courtyard and Li’s Ancestral Hall. Among them, Ji’s Courtyard is the most representative one, with blue stone and bricks, hollowed-out carvings and elaborate emboss. It is so classically elegant and beautiful that it enjoys equal popularity with " Qiao’s Grand Courtyard" in the North. Each ancient house tells the unique charm and legend of the local history and culture.

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