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Species endemic to China

  The geopark contains 40 species endemic to China (Photos 1-15 to 1-18), including nine type specimens collected near the geopark. Among them, the type specimens of Sinosenecio jishouensis, Aster jishouensis are collected in Jishou City; Sinosenecio baojingensis, Saxifraga kegangi and Epimedium baojingensis collected in Baojing County; Oxalis wulingensis and Eutrema bulbiferum collected in Longshan County; Cyclobalanopsis xiangxiensi and Neomartinella yungshunensis collected in Yongshun County.

Photo 1-15 Sinosenecio jishouensis

Photo 1-16  Saxifraga kegangii
Photo 1-17 Eutrema bulbiferum

Photo 1-18  Oxalis wulingensis

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