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Plants under state protection

  The geopark contains nine floral species under first-class state protection and 20 floral species under second-class state protection (Photos 1-7 to 1-14), according to the endangerment level, state protection level and endemicness of the plants in the geopark.

Photo 1-7 Taxus wallichiana var.chinensis

Photo 1-8 Davidiainvolucrata

Photo 1-9 Bretschneiderasinensis 
Photo 1-10 Liriodendron chinense

Photo 1-11Taxuswallichianavar. Mairei 

Photo 1-12 Metasequoiaglyptostroboides
Photo 1-13  Zeniainsignis 
Photo 1-14  Pseudolarixamabilis

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