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Rare and endangered plants

  The geopark supports 58 species of rare and endemic plants (Table 1-2), including six critically endangered species (CR), six endangered species (EN), 21 vulnerable species (VU), six near-threatened species (NT) and 10 least-concern species (LC). The most representative rare and endangered plant species include Gynostemmapentagynum and Distyliumtsiangii ,among others(Photos 1-1 to 1-6).

Photo 1-1  Gynostemmapentagynum
Photo 1-2 Distyliumtsiangii

Photo 1-3 Cypripedium japonicum   
Photo 1-4 Eurycorymbus cavaleriei

Photo 1-5 Tinospora sagittata    

Photo 1-6 Ormosia hosiei

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